Questions to Ask a Work Injury Lawyer in Jefferson County, MO

When an employee returns to work after filing a workers’ compensation claim, they may feel a certain sense of trepidation. However, for the sake of the company and the worker, it’s important to get moving again as soon as possible. Workers often have questions about what they should expect, and some answers are provided below.

Upon Return, Is Employment Guaranteed?

According to workers’ compensation law, employers are not required to retain workers’ jobs while they’re on medical leave. However, most bosses are accepting of employees coming back to work. It’s wise to consult the employer during the recovery process so the worker knows where they stand.

Can an Injured Worker Continue Medical Treatment After Coming Back to Work?

They definitely can, and they should. The cost of an employee’s treatments and medications may be covered by the employer, depending on the case’s specifics. Workers’ compensation benefits may still be paid under an intermittent time loss policy if the employee has to miss work for treatment. The employee will have to report to the Workers’ Compensation Board and their work injury lawyer in Jefferson County, MO about lost work time.

What Happens If the Injured Worker Can’t Do Their Job?

If an injured employee goes back to work and finds that their medical issues prevent them from doing their job, they may have to request benefits again. Depending on the severity of the injury and the nature of the work done on the job, a worker may be able to ask for different duties as they recover. If it’s not possible, the Workers’ Compensation Board may offer resources for new job placement and training.

Can Other Bosses Reject a Worker Because of a Claim?

Under the law, potential employers are barred from asking workers about their claim’s history. In a similar way, present employers cannot fire workers for filing claims. If a person is denied a job or terminated from a current job because of workers’ compensation issues, they should contact their work injury lawyer in Jefferson County, MO immediately.

It may be intimidating to work where one has taken legal action against their employer, but if the injury is legitimate and the worker is following the rules, it is in their best interest to seek advice from a lawyer. Call the Wegmann Law Firm today to schedule a consultation. Like us on Facebook.