Railroad Benzene Victims Can Seek Compensation in Chicago, IL

by | Oct 3, 2023 | Law


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When railroads advanced west, lines went into Chicago. Chicago became a major hub for the national rail companies. While that was a good thing, what hasn’t been a good thing is the fact that diesel fuel and many of the chemicals railroad engineers work with every day have poisoned them. If you have dedicated years of your life to the railroads and you now have leukemia, there is a railroad leukemia settlement in the works.

You Can’t Lose Your Benefits

Railroad workers make the mistake of living with their leukemia and not reporting it as a work-related illness. They are concerned that they would lose their retirement benefits or their jobs if they did so. You should know that companies cannot retaliate against you when they fail to protect you from harm. They are legally and federally obligated to protect you. Filing a lawsuit ensures you are adequately compensated.

If They Retaliate, You Can Sue Twice

Employers cannot retaliate against “whistleblowers” or people who are suing for compensation to treat work-related diseases. If you file a lawsuit for your part of the railroad leukemia settlement and lose your job, they can’t do that. Pursue your leukemia settlement first and your lawsuit for retaliation second.

Once the suits are settled, you may be able to return to your post if you are well enough. You should not lose your benefits even if you cannot return to work. If you want to know more about these lawsuits, contact Diesel Injury Law – Hughes Law Offices LLC today.

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