Reasons Why People Need to Hire a Nursing Home Negligence Lawyer in Washington, PA

by | Jul 23, 2019 | Lawyers


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People feel understandably horrified when they hear about a case of nursing home abuse or ongoing negligence discovered at one of these care facilities. They may feel that such behavior is not only reprehensible but evil. In reality, much of the time, there are underlying reasons that explain the situation, even if there is no way to justify it. A nursing home negligence lawyer in Washington, PA represents patients and their families in these cases.

Not Enough Workers, Not Enough Time

A common reason for these serious issues is understaffed facilities. Nursing assistants, in particular, may be overworked since there is a shortage of these workers nationwide. They cannot pay enough attention to each resident, as there simply is not enough time. A nursing home negligence lawyer in Washington, PA represents families who have discovered that their loved one has not been receiving the level of care the facility is required to provide.

Exhaustion and Frustration

Workers who are exhausted and frustrated may lash out at a patient who is being uncooperative or acting in an aggravating way. Unfortunately, this can be common with dementia patients. There may not be actual physical abuse, but the worker might yell at the resident or raise a hand as though to strike out. The patient may become more and more timid and afraid, perhaps without even remembering why.

Dementia Patients Don’t Remember

Employees may not provide a high level of care for dementia patients, knowing they are less likely to remember and report mistreatment. This is very troubling to families who have parents or grandparents with serious cognitive issues residing in a skilled nursing care facility. There may be no way for these relatives to report what is happening there.

Abuse Isn’t Always Physical

Legally, neglect at a nursing home is a form of abuse. Mistreatment does not have to be physical to qualify as abuse. Yelling at patients or insulting them is abuse as well. Families who need help when they realize this has been happening can contact a law firm like Business Name. Browse our website and get started.

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