Reviewing Circumstances with a Wrongful Death Attorney in Bellingham, WA

In Washington, families address their losses through wrongful death lawsuits. These lawsuits are based on preventable actions or circumstances that cause the death of their loved ones. Through these cases, they can acquire all their financial losses as well as settlements for pain and suffering. The following is a review of circumstances with a wrongful death attorney in Bellingham, WA.

Preventable Circumstances Associated with These Cases

Criminal acts are the most predominant reasons for these circumstances. However, they aren’t the only reasons. Medical malpractices can also present a wrongful death when a doctor performs a risky surgery without the patient or their family’s consent. An auto accident in which a driver chose to drive while impaired is another possible circumstance. The cause of death must be related to an act or event that could have been avoided if the defendant chose a different action.

How to Proof Cause of Death

The cause of death is proven through an autopsy. These tests allow a pathologist to examine the body and determine how the death occurred. They also present a report that explains all injuries sustained by the victim. These testing efforts can also show what action was the direct result in these cases.

Linking the Event to the Victim’s Injuries

The pathologist’s report can show how the event and the victim’s injuries are linked. Any surveillance footage of the event can also provide substantial proof. The attorney could also acquire testimony from any witnesses that saw the event when it happened.

What Are the Expectations of These Cases?

The expectations of these cases are often an award for monetary losses initially. This includes funeral costs and any medical costs accumulated before the victim died. The family could also receive an award based on tort-based rulings.

In Washington, families address avoidable circumstances through a civil lawsuit. These lawsuits enable them to collect any financial losses they incurred due to a wrongful death. However, they must prove that the defendant is liable for the fatality first. Families that need to speak to a wrongful death attorney in Bellingham, WA contact Allen Law Firm right now.