Seeking Legal Assistance in Brooklyn for Family Members With Bedsores

Although bedsores are common in nursing homes, it doesn’t mean that your family member should have to suffer from them. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when consulting with an attorney about this issue.


If you suspect that a family member has bedsores and is in a nursing home, then you need to take as many pictures as possible. When meeting with a bedsore lawyer in Brooklyn, NY, any evidence that you can present can help your case and can show the severity of the sores in question. Sometimes, pictures can show if there are older and newer sores, which could mean that the incident has been taking place for a long period of time.

Resident Care

Talk to the nurses and assistants who provide care for your family member before meeting with a bedsore lawyer in Brooklyn, NY. You want to gather information about how often the person was turned, the materials used on the bed, and if the person had to stay in the bed in a wet diaper or on a wet pad for long hours.


Try to find out if there have been other issues with the nursing home. If there have been any violations or other residents who have experienced issues with bedsores, then you can likely seek legal help to obtain more compensation or to have the nursing home closed until the issues are corrected. Consider reaching out to detectives as they can usually gather details about the facility’s past to see if there have been charges filed.

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