Tips for Finding a Reliable DWI Lawyer in Nassau County NY

by | Oct 27, 2017 | Lawyers


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In this case, an attorney can assist the defendant with a plea deal. This means that the DWI lawyer in Nassau County, NY can work with the court so their client gets charged with a lesser offense. Getting a lesser charge means lower fines, less time without a license, less community service, and possibly less jail time (if any).

Finding a Lawyer

If a person is charged with a DUI or DWI and they feel that an attorney will be able to help their situation, they will have to seek the advice of an attorney that deals with DUI charge on a daily basis. Why would you hire an estate attorney to handle a DWI case? The lawyer will evaluate the details of the case to see if in fact, the client has a case or if they have a chance to have the charges lowered.

Drivers who are arrested for a DUI or DWI are faced with criminal and civil proceedings. In the case of a civil proceeding, the driver must respond immediately to the claim. If they do not, their driving privileges may be suspended.

This suspension is initiated when a driver does not undergo a blood test or breathalyzer. If you are charged with a DWI or DUI, hire a DWI lawyer in Nassau County, NY.

The Process

Under state law, any driver that does not automatically give their implied consent to testing is suspected of DWI or DUI. Some police, upon making an arrest, will notify the driver that their license will be automatically suspended if they do not submit to a test. However, a driver’s license cannot be suspended immediately if they do not undergo the test.

While an official can take possession of a person’s license, they should still issue a temporary permit. A hearing to challenge a suspension will postpone any mandates until the hearing date is scheduled. Contact the Law Offices of Joseph J. Perrini, III if this happens to you.

The Importance of Finding a Lawyer Immediately

If a person has been arrested for a DWI, they will have a short grace period to file an appeal. In fact, the driver has only 15 days to respond. If they don’t reply, they will lose their driving privileges and the suspension will take effect. Browse the website for more details.

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