What Is The Procedure For Truck Accidents In Bethlehem, PA?

Pennsylvania accident victims must take measures to acquire compensation for their injuries. Accidents involving commercial trucks, however, require additional measures. A local attorney could help these victims who are involved in Truck Accidents in Bethlehem PA by filing a formal claim.

Launching an Investigation

Law enforcement must launch an investigation to determine the circumstances of all trucking accidents. The reason for the investigation is to determine if all regulations are followed. It also determines whether or not the commercial insurance will provide coverage for the victim. The findings of the investigation may also produce criminal charges for the truck driver.

Reviewing the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations

Under Federal Motor Carrier Safety regulations, drivers must take a rest period after all twelve hour shifts. Any failure to take these designated resting periods could generate violations in which civil penalties are possible. The law enforcement officers must review the driver’s logs to determine what hours they traveled during their workday. The total value of hours could equate to violations if they exceed the allowed driving time for the driver.

Determining if the Driver was Under the Influence

It is not uncommon for truck drivers to take medication or controlled substances to remain awake longer. These substances could lead to an accident. If the officers determine that the driver was under the influence of these substances, criminal charges could apply. The same laws apply to driving while under the influence of alcohol. If the driver’s blood-alcohol reading is over the legal limit, they are charged with a DUI.

Identifying Comparable Fault

Comparative fault comes into play if the victim is guilty of any moving violations. The truck driver’s attorney must present evidence to prove that the victim is guilty of these violations. If this happens, the judge reduces the monetary award based on the assigned percentage.

Pennsylvania accident victims have the right to file a formal claim against the accountable driver. When the driver is operating a commercial vehicle, additional laws may apply. Victims who were involved in Truck Accidents in Bethlehem PA should contact an attorney now or browse around this website for additional information.