What to Know When Dealing With a Lemon Car in South Carolina

Buying a vehicle is a large purchase for many individuals. If you have put money into a car and later found out that it was a Lemon, you likely felt frustrated. You likely spent a lot of time at the dealership trying to have the issue fixed. If the problem wasn’t fixed or took an unreasonable amount of time to fix, you may be due compensation from the automaker or dealer.

Before filing a claim, there are a couple of things that you will want to do. First, you need to get familiar with local South Carolina Lemon Laws. Lemon laws vary by state. Do your research and talk to a lawyer.

The next thing that you should do is collect paperwork. You want to be sure that you have copies of all service records and receipts related to your vehicle. This information is going to help you when you file a claim or when you are in court and compensation is being determined.

In order to file a claim that proves to be successful, it will need to be proven that your vehicle had a substantial defect. It also needs to be proven that it took an unreasonable amount of time for the issue to be addressed. What is considered a substantial defect, or an unreasonable amount of time will be determined by local South Carolina Lemon Laws and details related to each case.

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