What’s the Car Lemon Law in Your State

by | Apr 25, 2018 | Lawyers


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If you have taken your car back to the dealership for multiple repairs, then, unfortunately, your new vehicle may be a rotting lemon. Wherever you live, lemon laws protect you from fraudulent dealerships that take money from car buyers while knowing they are selling a vehicle that is poor in shape. You can prove that you’ve been sold a lemon by keeping a paper trail on how many times the car has been in the shop since purchase.

Here are some other tips to suing with the car lemon law in your state:

Keep Descriptions of Every Problem
It’s important that you keep a written and photographic record (if possible) of everything that went wrong with the vehicle. If it’s a repeated problem, then make sure you describe the issue the same way every time in your written record. Lemon law documentation requires that you prove it’s the same issue if you are repeatedly having to go back to the dealership.

Dealer Documentation
When the dealership fixes the problem, make sure that there are a lot of notes on what happened, what was fixed, and what parts were replaced. This is especially important as you want to show that the dealership knew about the problems.

Lemon Law Claims
There are two main ways to recoup losses after purchasing a lemon. You may be able to get a refund for the cost of the vehicle. This would cover the full amount of what you paid for the car at the time of purchase at the dealership. The dealership may also have to replace your vehicle as the other option. In some cases, a dealership may charge a small fee for the miles you drove before the first time that you visited for a repair. You can check your state’s lemon law as to how this fee is estimated.

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