Why a Client May Need a Car Accident Attorney In Bellingham

The laws regarding car accidents vary from state to state, and the person who is injured in an accident should be aware of these laws. In the State of Washington, the injured person must prove clearly the other driver was at fault to recover any damages after the accident. A Car Accident Attorney In Bellingham understands how difficult it can be to be awarded damages and represents clients who are seeking damages resulting from an accident. Here are some things that clients should be aware of about accidents in Washington.
What to Know about Car Accident Law in Washington

One of the good things for drivers to know about the State of Washington is that it is victim-friendly for those involved in accidents. Therefore, the chances for recovery are greater. However, the injured victim should realize that Washington’s statute of limitations is three years from the date of the accident for personal injuries and property damage. If the lawsuit is not filed within that time, any chance of recovery will be gone because the lawsuit most likely will not be heard.

Other Things to Know about Car Accident Law in Washington

When it comes to receiving damages, the non-economic damages are limited to the average life expectancy of the injured party times the average annual wage. If the other party brings up counter claims that the injured party is partly at fault, the damages will be reduced by the percentage the injured party is found at fault. If the injured party expects to get what is fully deserved, it is best to have an experienced attorney who has litigated such cases.

Who to Call in Bellingham, Washington for Car Accident Representation

When looking for an attorney to represent a client who has been involved in an automobile accident in Washington, the client should get a lawyer with a proven reputation. The Allen Law Firm is an example of an attorney who has been providing representation for clients involved in auto accidents in Bellingham, Washington. If a potential client wants a Car Accident Attorney In Bellingham, the attorney is available and can be reached at https://www.craigkallen.com/. Find us on Facebook!