How to Work with a Personal Injury Attorney in Vail

by | Mar 10, 2017 | Lawyers


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There are many different types of personal injury cases you could make. Slip and fall cases are the most common by far; they are also the ones that are most often fraudulent. If you have a slip and fall, you should take some serious steps immediately to ensure that your case is taken seriously and to give yourself the highest chance of achieving justice. If you have an accident at your workplace or some other area, you should do the same. You need to call a personal injury attorney as soon as you can to address the different problems that you may have encountered.

Keep Your Evidence

Building a personal injury case begins with evidence. You need to make sure you are keeping as much evidence as possible. For example, if you slip and fall in a store, you need to prove that something was actually going on in that store. Many people will attempt to claim slips and falls to get free money. So, if you slip and fall, you should take photos of all of your surroundings to prove that there was actually something to slip on. You should immediately speak with the manager of the store and any possible witnesses. Also, you should ask about the cleaning schedule of that area. A personal injury attorney in Vail will be able to build a better case if you are well-informed.

A defense attorney in Vail is only as good as the amount of evidence that can be provided.

Be Honest

Many people leave out facts that they think they might be damaging or embarrassing when speaking with a personal injury attorney. You have attorney-client privilege; you should be completely honest with your attorney. Being so will allow your attorney build a better case and avoid surprises that could be damaging to your case.

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