Workers Compensation Lawyers in Melbourne FL Can Help Employers Cover The Bases

Worker’s compensation coverage protects employees while helping companies cover the cost of their care. However, some small business owners believe it’s an unnecessary cost, and that injuries only occur in risky industries such as construction and manufacturing. Accidents happen everywhere, and knowing the intricacies of the worker’s compensation law is crucial for the success and safety of a small business. Before dealing with a Workers Compensation Lawyers in Melbourne FL, small business owners should familiarize themselves with these facts about worker’s comp.

Businesses Have a 50% Chance of an Injury Claim Within the Next Decade

Some believe that because their companies are small, it’s unlikely that they’ll ever have to deal with employee injuries. Unfortunately, that’s simply not true. According to a recent data analysis, there’s a 50/50 chance that a small business will have a claim within the next ten years. Even if there’s only one employee, the company could still be liable for lost wages and medical bills if that person is hurt on the job.

OSHA Has Unique Effects on Small Businesses

While the state regulates worker’s compensation, OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) imposes federal rules on workplace injuries. Both sets of regulations can, in certain cases, have equal effects on small businesses. OSHA ensures that workers can access their exposure and medical records, protective gear, and notices about safety and health in the workplace. Unless it is required by a different federal department, small companies with less than ten workers don’t have to maintain an OSHA record, but they must still report hospitalizations and fatalities.

Tips on Reducing the Chances of a Workplace Injury

Besides protecting employees with worker’s comp coverage, the easiest way to maintain a safe workplace is with training and the enforcement of safety rules. For instance:

• Owners should regularly perform safety inspections to find and remove hazards

• Keep floors clear of clutter that may cause workers to slip and fall

• Give employees the right protective gear

Business owners have many responsibilities, but one of the biggest is to maintain a safe and productive work environment. By partnering with a Workers Compensation Lawyers in Melbourne FL and staying informed, that job becomes easier. For additional information and legal advice, call the firm of Matheson & Horowitz today.