3 Things You Should Do Before You Hire a Joliet Auto Accident Attorney

If you’re involved in a traffic accident, one of the first things you should do is to consult motor vehicle accident lawyers in Joliet. The first consultation you have with any attorney will involve getting an evaluation of the strength and value of your case. The attorney can give you a more accurate assessment if you have detailed information to provide.

Gather Contact Information

As soon after the accident as possible, you should trade contact information and insurance information with the other driver. This is also a good time to gather contact information from any witnesses to the accident. This will help your attorney determine how to prove that the other driver was at fault in causing the accident.

Take Pictures

While at the scene, take pictures of the property damages done to both vehicles. You should also get a picture of the other driver’s license plate. Use your phone’s camera to get clear, close-up photos of everything. It may also help to get pictures of the intersection or stretch of road where the accident occurred.

Undergo a Medical Evaluation

You’ll also help your motor vehicle accident lawyers in Joliet by undergoing a medical checkup. A doctor can determine the extent of your injuries and recommend a treatment process. Your medical records and bills will help your attorney determine the accurate value of your claim.

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