What Does a Corporate Attorney Do?

by | Nov 15, 2021 | Law Firm


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A corporate attorney is one who works in a corporate setting where he or she represents a business or businesses. A corporate attorney in Fort Myers can write contracts on behalf of the client, avoid litigation and more or less work behind the scenes. There are times when a corporation will be involved in court proceedings, either as the complainant or the defendant in a law suit; the corporate attorney will litigate the case for the client.

In many cases a corporate attorney in Fort Myers will work for a large firm, however, in many cases the corporate attorney works directly for the business entity, working exclusively for the business guiding the decisions that are made so they comply with the law.

The term corporate attorney is somewhat misleading as these attorneys work in different area and perform different functions. A tax attorney as an example is classifies as a corporate attorney, these people determine the tax liability of the business, working within the law to reduce the tax liability by using any and all permissible deductions. They are also involved in ensuring that the company complies with all withholding requirements and other legal obligations.

Another type of corporate attorney is one who deals with employment law. Corporate attorneys like Peter Fisher make sure that the client complies with all the laws that provide protection to employees, ensuring that the company avoids any lawsuits. These attorneys will guide the company, making sure they follow all the rules of the Fair Labor Standards Act and all the legislation that is in place to ensure compliance with the employees civil rights.

Most corporations find themselves doing business under a contractual arrangement, writing these various contracts are a key responsibility of a corporate attorney. Larger corporations tend to have an in-house attorney to write contracts which are based around the various aspects of the business and the markets it does business in. These contracts can apply to client-vendor relationships as well as contracts that state the limit of the corporation’s liability when making product sales. The list of possible contracts that a business can enter into is endless.

As you can see, the field of corporate law is very broad and the attorney can be called upon to perform a host of functions for the client. For more details contact Fisher Law Office.

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