5 Reasons to Hire a Traffic Attorney in Rockland County, NY

Even when a person can afford the fine, and would prefer to avoid the inconvenience of going to court, it can make sense to fight a traffic citation. Consulting a traffic attorney in Rockland County, NY can give a client a good idea of the cost vs. the benefit of legal representation. Consider these reasons for hiring a lawyer to challenge a traffic citation.

It Keeps the Driver’s Record Clean

Transport companies place a tremendous value on a clean driving record. If a person signs the ticket and mails it in with a payment, they have pled guilty to an offense that may appear on their driving record within days. A company that hires commercial drivers regularly checks with the DMV, and they make hiring and termination decisions accordingly.

Avoiding Points on the Driver’s License

A person can lose their license if they accumulate 12 points within two years. Moving violations are typically two points, while a serious offense such as a DUI carries six points. Incidents that result in multiple citations can put a person at risk of license suspension if they choose not to fight the charges.

There May Be Insufficient Evidence

When a person challenges a traffic citation, the issuing officer must show up in court to offer evidence. The officer must give compelling reasons why the driver is suspected of violating a traffic law, and they must convince the judge that the person committed the offense. For instance, a speeding citation must be documented with evidence from a properly calibrated device, such as a radar gun.

The Issuing Officer May Not Appear in Court

When a charging officer cannot attend a court date, the judge may dismiss the charges or reschedule the case. While drivers cannot skip court without running the risk of losing their license and having a bench warrant issued, they should call the court to request a continuance if a conflict arises.

Challenging a Citation Gives a Driver Options

Signing a traffic ticket and paying the fine is a legal admission of guilt. However, hiring a traffic attorney in Rockland County, NY and requesting a trial allows the client to explore his or her options. With an attorney from the Law Office of Jonathan B. Ripps, the client can plead to a lesser charge, avoid points, and keep their DMV record clean.