When to Use a Bail Bond Company in Johnson County KS

Getting a call from a friend or loved one that they are in jail can be a frightening and confusing experience. Their first request is usually for help getting out of jail. However, many people do not know how to handle that process. In Iowa, defendants may be given both cash bonds or surety bonds as options for paying bail. A bail bond company in Johnson County KS can help with both.

What Is a Cash Bond?

Cash bond is an option for minor offenses and can generally be paid immediately, to keep a defendant from spending even a single night in jail. Cash bond does not require a bail bond agent, but a bail bondsman can post a secured cash bond on behalf of a defendant. Cash bond services are not available for all offenses. Instead, they are usually used for probation violations, failure to appear in court, violation of no-contact orders, or simply failing to follow a judge’s instructions.

What Is a Surety Bond?

A surety bond works differently from a cash bond. In a surety agreement, a third-party surety guarantees that one party will fulfill its contractual obligations to another party. In terms of a bond agreement, the surety, which is generally the bail bondsman, is guaranteeing that a defendant will appear at trial and otherwise comply with conditions of pretrial release. If the defendant fails to appear or violates other pretrial release conditions, then the bail bondsman owes the court the full amount of the defendant’s bail.

How Much Does a Bond Cost?

The cost of cash bonds and surety bonds is dependent on the amount of the bail set by the court. The bail bond company in Johnson County KS charges a percentage of the bail or bond as a non-refundable fee to act as a surety for a defendant. Therefore, the cost of the bond depends on the cost of the initial bail amount. Contact a bail bond agency to determine what the cost would be to secure pre-trial release for a defendant.