A Criminal Defense Lawyer in Salisbury, MD Should Be Contacted Quickly After an Arrest

by | Mar 11, 2016 | Lawyers


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Criminal charges can involve both misdemeanors and felonies that require the help of an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Salisbury, MD. Although many juvenile records are not available when they reach adulthood, it’s still just as important to hire a criminal attorney to fight the charges. Felonies usually carry a harsher penalty than a misdemeanor. Repeated misdemeanors could result in felony charges or felony-like punishments. Although Maryland has decriminalized marijuana for amounts less than 10 grams, anyone who is under 21 years old still needs to appear in court if they’ve been given a citation.

Ignoring a citation could lead to a criminal record. If someone is in possession of more than 10 grams of marijuana, they could still end up with a fine and a jail term. Although just paying the citation seems easy to do, an attorney may be able to help arrange for the record to be expunged with the help of a diversion program. Payment of the citation without the help of an attorney means this citation will remain on someone’s record. If an individual is in college and relies on student loans, possession of more than 10 grams could result in the loss of student loans. If a vacationer thinks they can just ignore the citation and returns home, a warrant will be issued for their arrest. Hiring a criminal defense lawyer in Salisbury, MD will permit you to return home and let the lawyer stand in for you against these charges.

Domestic violence charges are another charge that someone should contact an attorney about. Domestic violence usually has both criminal and civil cases. Information from one case can be used in another. In both courts, restriction of gun ownership, usage and possession can be affected. A criminal conviction for domestic violence could result in jail time and many limited privileges that could affect the ability to obtain a job or could jeopardize security clearances now in effect or in the future.

Whatever charges someone is facing, they should always consult with an attorney as soon as possible after an arrest. For more information on criminal defense in Ocean City, please feel free to visit Domain.

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