Contacting an Attorney in Williston ND to Avoid the Penalties for a DUI

Once a person is convicted of a DUI, they face more than just the legal penalties. The stigma of having a criminal record can make it more difficult for them to get a job or find a place to live, even years after they’ve completed what was required for their sentence. The only chance a person has of avoiding this is to work with an attorney in Williston ND area to try to have the charges either lowered or dismissed.

Lowering the Charges

In some instances, a lawyer may be able to have the charges lowered to what is known as a “wet reckless” charge. This is a plea bargain, which is different from having the charges dropped. The person may still need to pay fines or have other penalties, but these penalties will be lower than what would be given after a conviction. A lawyer can help the person decide if this is the right option for them and help them ask for the plea bargain. It’s important to remember that this is usually only done for a person’s first charge and only if there wasn’t an accident.

Dismissing the Charges

In some cases, the lawyer may be able to have the charges dismissed. This can occur when the lawyer can show that the breathalyzer test was administered incorrectly the test wasn’t working properly, or when the person wasn’t legally stopped. Anything that means that the evidence against the person is not legally valid can mean the evidence is suppressed and won’t be able to be used in court. Without sufficient evidence, the prosecution or the judge may agree to drop the charges since it’s unlikely they would receive a guilty verdict in court. This is something the arrested person’s lawyer can look into though it will not work for every case.

If you’ve been arrested and charged with a DUI, don’t just plead guilty and accept the penalties. Talk to an attorney to see what can be done to minimize the penalties you’re facing. There’s a lot an Attorney can do to help a person, depending on the specifics of their arrest and their prior criminal record.