A Wills and Estate Planning Lawyer in Las Vegas, NV Can Help Clients Avoid These 5 Mistakes

Estate planning is critical to guarantee a safe financial future for the family. While having a good estate plan is important, it’s also vital to plan correctly. Mistakes during the planning phase can be expensive, and they can even lead to legal trouble in some cases. Being mindful of such mistakes can help clients take steps to avoid them. Readers can browse the website for a list of the most common planning errors.

Failing to Plan

Though it may seem like a basic step, many people do not have an estate plan because they underestimate its importance. A solid plan should cover all of one’s assets and belongings, so the estate is handled in accordance with local law and with one’s wishes. Hiring a wills and estate planning lawyer in Las Vegas, NV is beneficial even for those with relatively small estates.

Not Updating the Will

A will is a main estate planning document, and it should cover just the ones who will receive what’s upon the testator’s death. One’s wishes on asset distribution are likely to change over the years, and it’s important to have an updated, valid will. Following life events such as births, deaths, marriages and divorces, one should call Grant Morris Dodds to update the will as soon as possible.

Not Planning for the Worst-Case Scenario

Estate planning involves accounting for unfortunate events such as disability and death. Often, a debilitating disease can leave one incapacitated and unable to fulfill legal duties. Therefore, the estate plan should have instructions for what should be done in the event of the testator’s incapacity. One should choose an agent to make decisions on their behalf if the need arises.

Poor Executor Choice

An estate executor is a person appointed to handle matters upon the testator’s death or disability. The selection should be made carefully, and the executor should be someone who is trustworthy and familiar with the estate. Most vitally, the executor should know the person’s intentions where the estate is concerned.

Not Hiring an Attorney

Estate planning is a complex undertaking, and clients should not handle it alone. It’s important to have professional guidance from an accountant and a wills and estate planning lawyer in Las Vegas, NV at all stages of the process. While it can seem like an insurmountable task, one should remember that avoiding the above mistakes can save the family much heartache and confusion. Browse the website for more information.