Amicable Splits: Why It Pays to Hire a Divorce Attorney in Hillsboro, MO

The marriage is not working out, and both parties agree that it needs to end. There’s no animosity or hard feelings on the part of either spouse. Even so, it makes sense for each party to hire a divorce attorney in Hillsboro, MO. Here are some of the reasons why this is necessary even though the couple does not anticipate any difficulties with the end of the marriage.

Protecting the Rights of Each Client

A divorce attorney in Hillsboro, MOcan only represent one of the two spouses. It’s not possible to represent both, not even if the couple has already worked out a division of property and decided who will be the custodial parent and who will provide child support and have visitation rights. While it may not seem all that important at first, there is a chance that both parties will need to consult their own legal counsel at some point before the divorce is final.

Things Don’t Always Go As Planned

The fact that the spouses have agreed to divorce and have worked out a lot of the details does not mean everything will go smoothly. At some point, one party could have a change of heart. Perhaps some information comes out that was not shared with the other party. Just in case something a complication arises at some point, it pays to have an attorney who is dedicated to protecting the interests of the client.

More Details to Work Out

While the couple has thought of a lot of things, something could have been overlooked. What happens when the two parties cannot agree on how to deal with this previously unexplored issue? Things can get heated quickly and threaten what seemed to be a harmonious divorce action. If each party retains legal counsel, it will be possible for the attorneys to calmly work out some sort of resolution and prevent hard feelings from developing.

If the marriage cannot survive, the best thing to do is hiring an attorney now. Visit the website and make plans for a consultation. Be sure to take along any documentation about finances, joint property, and other essentials. Doing so will make it possible to prepare the divorce papers, ensure they are served in a timely manner, and move forward with bringing the marriage to an end.