Going Through a Divorce is Easier with an Attorney in Junction City, KS

by | Aug 10, 2016 | Lawyers


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Divorce is a word most married people do not want to hear. Regrettably, around half of all marriages end in divorce. When a couple can no longer live together peacefully, it may be time to consider ending the marriage. It is important torealize that an attorney in Junction City, KS, would be able to help. An attorney will represent a client through the entire divorce process and make sure their rights are being protected. With this information, people can better understand the process of divorce and how an attorney can help.

Many people wait too long before seeking help from an attorney in Junction City, KS. It is prudent for a person to seek help before they even mention the word “divorce” to their spouse. There can be many legal ramifications if a person leaves their home or takes certain actions, so they should get advise from an attorney before making any moves to end their marriage.

Once a person has decided to file for divorce, their attorney will help them fill out all of the required paperwork and make sure it is filed in court. The client’s spouse is then served with the divorce papers and proposed settlement, and the person has a certain amount of time to respond to the divorce petition and contest the end of the marriage. This must take place before a divorce decree can ever be issued by a judge.

The goal of the family court is to settle any aspects of the closure of the marriage in which the parties cannot agree on. If both people agree, little intervention from the court will be needed. When a divorce is contested in any way, the court must get involved to resolve the differences and make a fair judgment.

Those who are facing the end of their marriage can receive the legal guidance they need by contacting the Oleen Law Firm. When you visit their website, you can learn more about their services and how they can assist with your legal needs. Call them today and they will schedule you a consultation appointment.

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