An Auto Accident Lawyer in Macon, GA. Can Do Things That Clients Cannot

by | May 20, 2020 | Lawyers


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While it’s true that accidents happen, many believe they do not need an attorney afterward because they have insurance. Auto insurance coverage is important, but victims of auto accidents should have an auto accident lawyer on their side to increase their chances of getting a fair settlement. In this article is a list of five things an attorney with Edwards & Bullard Law can do that clients cannot.

Attorneys Can Stop Clients from Inadvertently Admitting Fault

Although a person’s conscience can tell them to admit fault right away, at the accident scene, such admissions can be costly. After an auto accident, the first step should be to determine if anyone needs help and call if necessary. Following that, the next call should be to an auto accident attorney. A lawyer is the only person who can offer good advice on what a client should say and do after an accident.

Lawyers Can Advise Clients Not to Take an Unfair Settlement

Drivers involved in an auto accident may want to keep the law out of the situation, and some may offer a cash settlement instead. While it is possible to deal with the aftermath of an accident without help from the insurance company, these on-the-spot deals will not be enough to help with vehicle damage. An attorney can help a client ensure they won’t have any future expenses if they want to make a deal without involving law enforcement or the insurer.

Lawyers Can Help Clients Handle Police Reports

Part of an accident attorney’s job is to handle all kinds of police reports. It is possible for a driver to make or file a police report alone, but they should be familiar with the process. Those who aren’t sure, or who have never done it before, should call an accident attorney.

Attorneys Can Work With Insurers

Auto accident attorneys in Macon, GA. maintain good working relationships with insurers, and they know each company’s policies. An attorney can help a client determine if a party is uninsured, and they can decide who should be sued.

If a person is in an auto accident and they cannot wait months or years for a settlement, an auto accident lawyer in Macon, GA. can help them get the funds they need. By hiring a lawyer, clients can protect their legal rights and preserve any potential remedies.

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