Hiring A Criminal Defense Lawyer In Portland, OR

A criminal conviction can change a life. It is very damaging in that it can determine your quality of life. For instance, sometimes people cannot get an apartment if they have a record. Likewise, it is very hard to get a job with a conviction. Imagine, one mistake can determine your lifestyle for years to come. Will you have to struggle to make ends meet? Or, will you be able to finish college and have a profession? Many people are unaware that convictions affect the ability to get student loans. Also, some professional licenses are denied to those with a conviction. That is why it is important to get the best legal representation possible.

A criminal defense lawyer in Portland, OR will protect your rights. Visit the website to make an appointment. A defense lawyer’s job is to develop an alternate theory of the crime. This is what creates reasonable doubt in the courtroom. They are able to do this by investigating every aspect of the case. Further, this is how a lawyer comes up with a trial strategy. In addition, they know how to negotiate with prosecutors to get the client a deal. Some defendants may not want a trial and would rather work something out. Often, defense lawyers negotiate a plea to a lesser crime. Also, they can get a felony reduced to a misdemeanor. Many individuals think pleading guilty results in a reduced sentence. Unfortunately, there are many risks to a guilty plea. Depending on one’s record, you could get more jail time by pleading guilty. And, non-citizens can be deported.

There are several non-traditional methods of sentencing these days. In fact, many areas have drug courts for people with addiction problems. The defendant receives counseling and treatment in lieu of jail time. Likewise, there are special domestic violence programs. First-time defendants may attend counseling and, later, the charges are dropped. Sometimes, a defendant may not know what to do about their case. However, a criminal defense lawyer in Portland, OR can offer objective advice. They gain insight from years of working in criminal law. If you have legal trouble, hire a lawyer immediately.