The Basics of Adoption in the US and Why You Need a Child Adoption Attorney in Las Vegas, NV

by | Oct 23, 2018 | Child Custody


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Over the past 12 months, nearly 690,000 children in the United States spent time in a foster care facility. Roughly three out of every four of these youngsters are still waiting for an adoptive parent to give them a new lease on life.

In this regard, the typical child has to endure a painstaking three-year wait before getting adopted by a caring family, and a huge subset never complete the adoption process and waste their entire preadolescence bouncing around the foster care system.

However, this is just a small glimpse into the landscape of adoption in North America, so let’s ferret out the facts and explain the importance of your local child adoption attorney in Las Vegas, NV.

The Intricacies of Contemporary Adoption

A child adoption attorney represents the necessitous link between you and the next branch of your family tree, but there are some particulars and specifics that you must get a grip on before setting the process in motion:

Every state, including Nevada, has its own exclusive set of adoption laws. Many of these regulations are very blurred, unclear, and somewhat prejudiced against adoptive parents.

  • These ambiguous stipulations explain why almost 35% of people in the US have considered adoption, but less than three percent have taken the necessary legal steps to complete the requisite course.
  • Hiring a veteran child adoption attorney increases your chances of success by 70%, and this strategic decision will also cut in half the duration of the process, which can sometimes take up to three years or more.
  • Therefore, if you want to avoid the runaround from adoption agencies, social workers, and governmental officials, you have to bring your local child adoption attorney into the fold as early as possible.

Getting the Help You Need Without Spending a Fortune

All it takes is a single session with one of the family law specialists at Pintar Albiston LLP to grab your adoption efforts by the horns and finally make some headway.

Your heart is full of love and your home is waiting for a new life, now all you need is the proper legal help to get across the finish line. You can also connect them on Twitter.

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