An Auto Accident Attorney Understands the Inappropriate Use of the Act of God Concept

An Auto Accident Attorney has likely represented clients when the insurer disputed liability because of weather conditions. An insurance adjuster may even try to argue that a collision in bad weather is an act of God, which is an event that insurance policies generally exclude. But, a car crash caused by one driver hitting another vehicle is a lot different than a meteorite falling from the sky and hitting a parked car.

Driver Negligence

A person who was injured when another driver skidded or hydroplaned on a slippery, wet road may need to hire an Auto Accident Attorney for effective claim resolution. Personal injury lawyers are adamant that these episodes are not acts of God. They commonly are caused by drivers traveling too fast for conditions or making unsafe maneuvers. When rain is pouring down, it’s difficult to see the road and traffic clearly and to judge distances. That’s especially true at night.

The weather may be a factor, but the negligence of the other driver caused the accident. Rain can become so heavy that people can barely see the traffic ahead even with the windshield wipers running at full speed. Brakes can fail when someone drives through an unexpectedly deep puddle on the road. Someone who tries to dart around slower drivers is behaving in a very hazardous manner.

What Qualifies as an Act of God?

Insurance companies may try to characterize a collision as unavoidable or unpreventable because of weather conditions. A lawyer such as Chris Richard, attorney at law, knows this is rarely the case. A heavy rainstorm is unlikely to descend suddenly and without warning. Drivers have time to slow down, put their flashers on to alert others of their slow speed, and travel safely until conditions improve.

A true act of God would not be a rainstorm on the highway. It would not be dense fog a driver probably should not even be traveling through. Instead, it might be a tornado that actually blows a car into another vehicle. In that case, the driver truly did have no control. To begin sorting through the complexities of insurance claims, visit a website such as You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!