Call an Attorney in Royse City, TX, for DWI help

by | Apr 12, 2016 | Lawyers


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People arrested for driving while intoxicated (DWI) need immediate legal information that they will not get from the arresting officer, the prosecutor, or the judge. The officer is not qualified, the prosecutor is interested in a conviction, and the judge is not allowed to give legal advice. An experienced attorney in Royse City can give legal advice, make sure the accused’s rights are not violated, and provide aggressive representation. Calling an attorney once at the police station is the best thing in that situation.

People have the right, for example, to refuse to take a breath test. Those tests are often inaccurate but are the most common test completed because the equipment is readily available at the police station. A charge can be determined based on the results of that test. An attorney in Royse City can advise the accused to request a blood test, which is more accurate, and also more time sensitive. The results may mean the difference between a DWI charge and a lesser charge of reckless driving. The average person will not know to insist on a blood test.

Other procedure that is necessary when a DWI arrest is made is the request for a hearing to keep a license. That request has to be submitted within 15 days of the original arrest. Failure to do so will mean the driver waives the right to fight against a suspended license. Attorneys, like those at the Law Offices of Tim Hartley, for example, will request a hearing and retain the right to question the arresting officer. That is important because officers are trained to look for signs of drunk driving, which include not signaling before a turn, driving 10 miles below the posted speed limit, and braking erratically.

Those same behaviors can be exhibited by people who are driving a rental vehicle, unfamiliar with the roads or looking for their final destination. That can be the reason to drop a charge from DWI to obstruction of a roadway. That misdemeanor will not cause insurance premiums to increase drastically, cause a surcharge to be added to annual registration renewal, or cause future damage to a reputation, or job opportunities. Go to website for complete information regarding those charges, as well as other areas of practice.

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