Why Legal Help After Metro Accidents in Greenbelt Matters

by | Apr 11, 2016 | Lawyers


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Many people rely on public transportation to get to work, run errands and, in general, get wherever they need to go. When some sort of malfunction leads to an accident, the potential for someone to be hurt is significant. For people who are involved in Metro Accidents in Greenbelt, it makes sense to seek legal advice after being checked out by a physician. Here is what the attorney can do for the client.

Evaluating the Event

Before the attorney can provide any suggestions, it helps to take a good look at the event itself. Metro Accidents in Greenbelt range from minor issues to major situations that occur due to gross negligence. Understanding what happened and how the accident came to pass provides the framework for determining what sort of offer the client might receive from an insurance carrier or the person at fault.

Gathering Medical Data

The attorney will also want to know the extent of the client’s injuries and the outlook for the future. Are the injuries of a type that will heal completely, or will the client live with the condition from now on? Depending on the type of medical care needed and how long it will continue, the attorney can seek a settlement that will help the client avoid financial hardship.

Communicating with the Other Party

Throughout the process, the attorney will serve as the point of communication on all things to do with the accident. Should representatives of the responsible party attempt to engage the client in conversation, the only thing to do is provide the contact information from the attorney. Doing so ensures that nothing said will further muddy the facts in the case.

For people who have been injured in Metro Accidents in Greenbelt, seeking legal representation is a must. Contact the Jaklitsch Law Group today and arrange for a consultation. Be sure to bring along any documentation related to the event as well as medical data. Once the attorney has talked with the client and obtained information about the event from other sources, it is possible to sit down with the patient and go over the possible courses of action. In the best case scenario, the matter can be resolved without having to go to court.

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