Common Kinds of Civil Cases Dealt with by Our Litigation Law Firm in Santa Barbara, CA

by | Aug 29, 2016 | Attorneys


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The biggest difference between criminal cases and civil litigation is that civil matters see one or both parties seeking money or another form of compensation. While both sides usually represent themselves, they will require the assistance of a litigation law firm in Santa Barbara, CA. Here’s a look at some of the civil cases we encounter.

Contract Disputes

A contract dispute occurs when one or more parties who signed the contract either will not or cannot fulfill their obligations. This may be because the contract is unclear, but usually, it is because one party overextends itself and is financially unable to meet their obligations.

Property Disputes

A litigation law firm also deals with property law and disputes involving property ownership and damage to real estate. A particularly common type of property dispute occurs when one party alleges that a neighbor crossed their boundary line for planting or building purposes.


A litigation law firm further deals with torts, which is where one party claims the other caused emotional or physical harm. Tort cases take several different forms and can relate to financial security, the safety of property, and personal safety. Common torts include injury and accidents, negligence cases, and assault or battery cases.

Class Action Cases

Similar to tort cases, class action cases involve a group of people who have all been injured by the same thing; this may include exposure to hazardous materials or use of defective products.

Complaints Against the City

Claims against the federal government or the city can usually be settled out of court, but should the government refuse to settle, the complaints will be tried in court as civil cases. Cases can be brought in any instance where the plaintiff alleges that a city policy or law has caused harm to citizens.

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