Common Questions To Ask A Divorce Law Attorney In Lee’s Summit, MO

by | May 18, 2018 | Lawyers


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In Missouri, divorce proceedings are often complex and require each party to agree to specific terms. The couple must review all assets and decide together who gets each asset. Any debts are also managed in the divorce agreement. A Divorce Law Attorney In Lee’s Summit MO can answer common questions about the proceedings.

Can Children Decide Where They Want to Live?

At the age of twelve, children have the legal right to state where they want to live. A guardian ad litem is assigned to children in divorce cases. The individual presents the child’s wishes to the court. The child explains why they want to live with a specific parent.

Can Couples Use Their Separation Agreement for Their Divorce?

Yes, the couple can use the separation agreement when filing for a divorce. The process is simplified when the agreement is used. It prevents any additional changes in the couple’s lives. The child won’t have to go through any additional detriment or more disruptions in their life.

When Does Alimony Stop?

Alimony arrangements are either temporary or permanent. Temporary alimony is provided during a divorce case to enable them to adjust to their new life. It is also provided to support them while they complete an educational course and/or college degree program.

Permanent alimony is paid throughout the spouse’s life. However, some provisions could apply. For example, the arrangement could stop the alimony payments if the spouse remarries. The spouse paying alimony is notified when their former spouse remarries.

What is a Simplified Divorce?

A simplified divorce enables the couple to complete all necessary documents together. The couple attends a short hearing with the judge, and the judge finalizes their divorce. The process eliminates any additional hardships or unnecessary delays.

In Missouri, divorce proceedings start with a divorce petition and the creation of a divorce agreement. The couple must review their marital assets and establish a child custody agreement. Debts and alimony are also managed in the agreement. An attorney helps the couple arrive at an agreement whenever possible. Couples who need help from a Divorce Law Attorney In Lee’s Summit MO contact Dana Outlaw Law Office right now. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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