What Concepts Are Managed by a Family Law Lawyer in Cincinnati, OH?

In Ohio, family law provides several legal avenues to manage sudden events. The events could relate to a marriage, children at risk, or the acquisition of custody of a child. This area of law helps petitioners manage their cases based on effective strategies that protect their interests. A family law lawyer in Cincinnati, OH offers insight into legal proceedings that can help solve a multitude of problems.

Obtaining Guardianship for at Risk Children

When a child is at risk, a family member can take steps to remove them from their home. The petitioner can report conditions that present a risk to children. The conditions could include, but are not limited to, abuse, neglect, or exposure to dangerous circumstances. If a biological parent has a drug or alcohol problem, the petitioner could seek guardianship to protect the child.

Filing for a Divorce

Petitioners can start a divorce case based on an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. They can also utilize fault-based grounds based on events that led to the breakdown of their marriage. However, fault-based grounds require the petitioner to present clear evidence that supports their chosen divorce grounds.

Acquiring Child Custody

A biological parent has the right to petition the court to acquire a change in child custody assignments. For example, if the custodial parent can no longer provide adequate care for the child, the non-custodial parent is within their rights to seek legal custody of the child. Any new risks presented to the child provides grounds for a new custody assignment.

Reviewing Legal Separations

A legal separation provides an opportunity for couples to determine if they want to get a divorce. It provides them with all the freedom of being divorced as well as the benefits of remaining married. The agreement created during the separation could be used in their divorce case.

In Ohio, family law presents opportunities for managing risks within families. It also enables couples to end their marriage and make determinations about child custody. Family members can also seek guardianship of a minor child that is at risk. Petitioners who need to seek assistance from a family law lawyer in Cincinnati, OH can visit website today.

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