Frequently Asked Questions About Jail Bonds

Those who have a family member who has been arrested might want to help by obtaining a jail bond to enable the person to be released from jail. However, if they’ve never obtained a Jail Bond in Douglasville GA before, they might have quite a few questions.

What is a Jail Bond?

A jail bond is an agreement where a person provides a deposit or collateral based on the full amount of the bail to a bondsman, who then pays the full amount of the bail to the jail to secure the arrested person’s release. It’s a way for a person to be released even if they cannot afford the full bail amount on their own.

How Does a Person Obtain a Jail Bond?

A family member of the arrested person can speak with a bondsman to obtain a bond. They will need a percentage of the bail amount for a deposit or something worth more than the full bail amount to use as collateral. They’ll need to read the terms of the bond carefully and then agree to the bond.

How Much Will the Person Need to Pay?

The amount a person needs to pay will depend on the bail amount the arrested person is given. Provided the arrested person follows the terms of the bond, the person who obtains the bond will only need to pay the fee for the bond services.

What Are the Terms of the Bond?

The terms of the bond can be specific and should be read carefully to ensure the person knows what all of them are. They can include not being arrested again and showing up to all hearings where attendance is required.

What Happens After Obtaining the Bond?

As long as the terms of the bond are followed, the person who obtained the bond will be able to keep their collateral and will only need to pay the service fee for the bond. If the terms of the bond are not followed, the person obtaining the bond will lose their collateral or owe the remaining amount of the bail amount.

If you have a family member who has been arrested, you might be able to help them by obtaining a Jail Bond in Douglasville GA for them. Contact Free At Last Bail Bonds now to learn more about jail bonds and to get the help you need to help your family member quickly.