Contact a Family Law Attorney in Rochester, MN for a Better Outcome to Your Case

by | Mar 9, 2018 | Lawyers


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Every family has a unique set of circumstances they will face with a divorce or child custody dispute. Receiving sound legal information is very important when facing these challenging situations. Hiring a Family Law Attorney in Rochester MN is the best way to receive all the legal information needed to make the right choice for these situations.

A family law attorney can represent an individual who is facing a divorce, child custody, child support, paternity, domestic violence, and prenuptial or antenuptial situations. The attorney understands that when it comes to these types of cases, emotions are running high and will help an individual receive the best outcome for their case.


A paternity order states who the father of the child is. It is highly recommended that an unmarried father establish paternity through a DNA test. A couple can establish paternity if they both sign a Recognition of Parentage.

If a man establishes paternity, they will be held responsible for payment of child support. In addition, if they want to have visitation or custody of the child, this will need to be established for the court before that can take place.


An individual should hire a Family Law Attorney in Rochester MN when they want to file for a divorce or have been served with divorce papers. There are legal issues that will need to be negotiated by the parties or settled by the court.

Deciding who will remain in the marital home or pay off the couple’s debt can cause considerable conflict between a couple. When a family law attorney is involved, they will help to negotiate a situation that is fair. The attorney will keep an individual focused on the case and will remove the emotion out of the situation.

Family law cases involved matters that are close to the heart and have the potential to erupt in domestic violence. If you are facing a divorce or a dispute over the custody of your children, an experienced family law attorney will help you through this confusing and frustrating situation. Browse the Site to find more information about a family law attorney near you.

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