Denials Are Handled By the Workers Compensation Lawyers in Ft. Pierce FL

by | Mar 5, 2018 | Lawyers


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When filing for worker’s compensation benefits in the state of Florida, workers sometimes find themselves faced with a denial. Once the injured worker has filed their claim, their employer and insurance company have a limited time to respond to the complaint and make a decision. When a denial is given, the injured worker has the right to seek help for an appeal. Many injured workers find appeals easier when they hire one of the Workers Compensation Lawyers in Ft. Pierce FL.

Important Steps For Appealing a Denial of Benefits

If a denial is given, the insurance company must provide the reasons for the denial. There are many reasons an insurance company might deny a claim, and it is essential injured workers are prepared for rejection, so they will know the steps that need to be taken to appeal.

The first step in the process is making sure the proper paperwork is filed. In the state of Florida, this means the claimant has two options. The first option is an informal appeal and the second one is a formal appeal that takes place before a judge. The paperwork must be filed with the Florida Worker’s Compensation Division.

It is wise for an injured worker to meet with the Workers Compensation Lawyers in Ft. Pierce FL to go over their rights for appealing. The lawyer will help their client gather substantial evidence that will be needed in the appeal’s process. This evidence is helpful in proving the injury occurred on the job, and the worker was unable to work either temporarily or permanently.

Workers need to make sure they follow the directions of their lawyer to help ensure no obstacles arise that could prevent the worker from obtaining a fair outcome. The lawyer will guide their client in ensuring every step is taken appropriately, so the result is the worker getting the benefits they are entitled to receive.

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