Criminal Law in Kutztown, PA. and What a Lawyer Might Look into for a Case

by | May 30, 2020 | Lawyers


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After a person is arrested, they will be charged under criminal law in Kutztown, PA. Even though the person is under arrest and in jail, they do have certain rights that need to be upheld. They will want to work with a lawyer to obtain a better outcome for their case instead of simply accepting the maximum sentence. Below are some of the aspects of criminal law a lawyer might look at to help their client.

The Arrest and Collection of Evidence

There are many laws that deal specifically with a person’s arrest and with the collection of evidence. If something is not done correctly, the evidence procured may not be admissible in court. A lawyer will look to ensure the arrest was legal and that all the evidence was collected and stored appropriately. This is to protect a person from being unlawfully detained and searched.

The Criminal Charge or Charges

A person may be charged with just one crime or multiple crimes. The lawyer can check to make sure the evidence against the person fits the crime they’re being charged with. If, for example, the crime specifically entails an intent to commit a crime and the person did not have intent, the lawyer may be able to have the charges dismissed, lowered, or have the person found not guilty in a trial.

The Sentencing

If the person is found guilty, the sentencing guidelines must be followed for the specific crime or crimes the person is convicted of. The lawyer will attempt to explain to the courts why their client should be given the minimum sentence and work to make sure their client is not given a sentence that is too harsh for the circumstances.

These are just a few of the aspects of a case a lawyer might investigate for their client. This is also why it’s important for anyone who has been arrested to work with an attorney well-versed in criminal law in Kutztown, PA. If you have been arrested, you’re going to want to contact a lawyer immediately so they can start working on your case. Visit the website for Law Offices of Paul S Missan today to learn more.

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