Why It’s Important to Work With a Truck Accident Attorney

by | Jun 17, 2020 | Lawyers


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Some vehicle accident cases are relatively straightforward in regard to the insurance company payments to an injured person. That individual generally receives compensation for medical bills so his or her health insurance does not have to pay. Compensation for time lost from work and payment for property damage also is made. In contrast, cases handled by a truck accident attorney in Chicago tend to be more complex. Collisions between a large truck and a passenger vehicle often result in serious injury to those in the car or pickup truck.

How a Pre-Existing Condition Affects the Case

Potential clients are likely to have many questions for a truck accident attorney in Chicago. For instance, they may have received a low settlement offer because the insurer learned about a pre-existing condition. That is not a sufficient reason to reduce compensation, however. In fact, someone who already was in a more vulnerable physical state may have been hurt worse than someone in great physical condition. That means higher medical costs and more time away from work.

Settling Out of Court or Going to Trial

Truck accident lawyers usually try to settle the case out of court because proceeding to trial is a very lengthy process. Injured individuals usually want to receive compensation as soon as is reasonably possible. They may be paying bills with their savings and facing default if they are running short. Nevertheless, if the person’s injuries are severe and permanent, going to trial may be better because they are more likely to be awarded a substantial amount of money by a jury.

Concluding Thoughts

It’s generally better to get professional legal help after a collision with a truck lands someone in the hospital. The insurer may offer a settlement that seems acceptable, but lawyers with a firm such as Shea Law Group may realize it is actually much too low. In fact, that initial offer may be the low end of the range the adjuster is allowed to pay.

Personal injury lawyers can provide knowledgeable counsel on what an acceptable range for a given case should be. The attorney then can respond to the insurer accordingly. To know more visit online at Shea Law Group

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