Critical Evidence That a Dayton, OH Car Accident Attorney Can Quickly Obtain

by | Dec 30, 2019 | Accident Attorneys


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The statute of limitations to take legal action after a car accident can be shorter than you think. You have a matter of months to file a case and take the person responsible for your injury and damages to court.

To take a successful case to court, however, you need to obtain and preserve evidence to prove your argument. By retaining a car accident attorney in Dayton, OH victims can pursue a variety of evidence and safeguard it so that it can be presented competently in court.

Dash Cam Footage

When you hire a car accident attorney in Dayton, OH clients like you can have your attorney obtain any dash cam footage that shows what happened during the accident. Many motorists today drive with dash cams installed in their cars. These cameras are critical in proving what happens during car wrecks and other incidences on the road.

Your lawyer can find out if the responsible party has dash cam footage or if surveillance video from nearby videos captured the wreck as it happened. This footage can then be used in court to prove that the other driver caused the accident and subsequently your injuries.

Police Reports

Your lawyer can also subpoena the police report that was taken after the accident. The report can prove critical evidence like driving conditions or if the responsible party was on drugs or drunk while driving. This evidence can establish that you were not to blame and entitled to compensation.

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