Determining the Benefits of Outsourcing Legal Services

by | Oct 5, 2017 | Labor Arbitrage


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For legal firms and in-house legal teams, evaluating the benefits of outsourcing legal services is an exercise that is well worth considering. However, such notion is true for any size of legal firm or legal department, and as an exercise, outsourcing service can help you to see the value in finding an LPO (legal process outsourcing) service that you can rely on to complete document reviews and contract extractions.

Cost Savings

While an in-house legal team may not think in terms of costs, outside legal teams and support will incur specific costs per service. Not all companies offering outsourcing legal services have the same price structure, which will be important to compare.

Most in-house and legal firms will find that quality LPOs, particularly the one operating overseas, offer a much lower cost per unit for services than doing the same work within a firm or hiring document reviewers on a contract basis.

Freeing Up In-House Resources

One of the often overlooked costs of doing the work in-house is the stress it places on resources. Not only does this mean having the hassle of advertising, screening, and hiring but it also ties up your staffing resources on the basic and time-consuming task.

By using LPO services, you can assign your staff as needed to the case. Additionally, your company can take on more cases without having to worry about the ability to complete the discovery process.

Large Case Loads

For in-demand law firms, the use of a trusted partner in outsourcing legal services takes the limitations off the types and sizes of cases the law firm can take on. Such notion not only opens up new markets and possibilities, but also provides a consistent pricing for the services that make the operation easy to bill, plan and organize throughout the discovery process.

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