FAQs About Matters Managed Under Family Law In Rochester, MN

In Minnesota, families can face a multitude of circumstances that will require them to take legal action. These circumstances could relate to children or disabled individuals who are at risk or need someone to step in and help them. A local attorney could provide answers to frequently asked questions about matters managed under Family Law in Rochester MN.

What Should Family Members Do if a Child is at Risk?

A family member who discovers a child at risk should contact child protective services immediately. The agency will assign a caseworker to investigate these allegations and take immediate action if a risk is present. The family member can petition the court for temporary custody of the child, and they can proceed to acquire guardianship if the risk isn’t eliminated.

What Action can a Family Member Do to Protect a Disabled Adult?

A guardianship provides the family member with authority over the disabled adult and provides them with a power of attorney over the adult’s assets. Once the guardianship is assigned, the family member can protect the adult from others who are trying to take advantage of the disabled individual.

Can Parents Withhold Visitation if They Don’t Receive Child Support?

No, custodial parents aren’t allowed to withhold visitation if their former spouse doesn’t provide child support payments. The child support payments are court-ordered and any violation must be reported to the court. A judge can issue a warrant for this violation and collect the outstanding child support payments.

What can a Parent Do if Their Child Become Married Illegally?

A parent that discovers that their minor child is married illegally can file a petition to acquire an annulment. The parent must provide evidence that substantiates that they didn’t provide legal consent for their child to enter into a marriage.

In Minnesota, families manage a variety of matters through family law that could affect them or their children directly. These matters involve protecting children or disabled family members who are at risk or in harm’s way. Petitioners who need assistance through Family Law in Rochester MN can contact an attorney or Click Here for more details.