A Disability Attorney in Grand Rapids MI Can Help a Client Qualify for Two Important Programs

by | Sep 11, 2018 | Lawyers


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It might seem as though working hard should be enough to ensure financial security, but that does not always prove to be the case. Even some of those who are most committed to supporting themselves sometimes end up needing help.

Whether because of an injury suffered on the job or the development of a chronic health condition, many people in the area each year end up becoming unable to make a living. Working with a Disability Attorney in Grand Rapids MI like one of those at Bleakley Law Offices P C will often end up being the best way to get back on track.

Disability Can Mean No Longer Being Able to Work at All

In the past, people who suffered career-ending injuries or diseases often had to rely on the charity and goodwill of others to meet their basic needs. While support from private sources sometimes ends up being part of the overall solution, most workers today have access to public resources, as well.

There are two systems administered by the federal Social Security Administration, for instance, that can be drawn upon by those who have become disabled. A Disability Attorney in Grand Rapids MI will be able to help clients receive approval for benefit payments from:

* Social Security Disability Insurance.

* Just about every worker makes payments to the Social Security system, with employers typically matching these contributions. While a portion of every remittance goes toward funding the Social Security retirement benefits program, some will also be allocated to a disability insurance system operated by the same agency. It does take a certain amount of eligible work history to become eligible for disability payments from Social Security, and many find that having the support of a lawyer makes it easier to qualify, in general.

* Supplemental Security Income.

* Another federal program is designed to ensure that disabled and retired Americans will not fall below a certain level of income. Whether in combination with Social Security Disability Insurance or alone, Supplemental Security Income is an important source of support for millions.

Dedicated Attorneys Make a Difference for Many Clients

Having support from programs like these can be the difference between financial disaster for a disabled person and being able to count on at least a certain level of security. Attorneys who understand these systems regularly prove able to help their clients qualify.

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