Filing for Disability Benefits? You Need Legal Help Now!

Did you know that the majority of disability claims are denied the first time they are submitted? That can be frustrating for anyone who is disabled and no longer able to work. Rather than putting yourself in that position, why not get help from a Chicago disability lawyer up front? Here is what that lawyer can do for you.

Review Your Situation

A Chicago disability lawyer understands how disability claims are evaluated. Before you file anything, arrange a consultation and go over the particulars of your situation. The lawyer can determine if you have a good chance of receiving disability benefits. If so, the lawyer can help with the next phase.

Preparing Your Initial Application

Your lawyer knows how to respond to each question on the application. This is important, because it only takes one vague or incomplete response to trigger a rejection. By making sure everything you submit is correct and complete, the odds of being approved the first time are greater.

If you’ve already submitted an application and had it rejected, your lawyer can look over the document and spot whatever needs to be amended. Remember that when the first issue was found, the approval process stopped. In order to avoid having it rejected a second time for some other issue, your lawyer will review the entire document and seek to correct any other response that could trigger more issues.

Pleading Your Case

If the application is still rejected, the Chicago disability lawyer can request a hearing with a review board. You don’t have to be present; your legal counsel can be there to plead your case. In many instances, rejected claims are reversed in these hearings and the applicant begins to receive benefits.

Are you disabled and need help claiming benefits? Call Jeffrey A. Rabin & Associates, Ltd. today and arrange for a consultation. You can also visit to arrange for a free case evaluation. Having a lawyer on your side from the beginning will increase the odds of faster approval and receiving the benefits you deserve. Follow us on google+.