Do Not Ignore the Warning Signs: Contact a Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer in Newark

It is never an easy decision when a family realizes it is time to place their loved one in a nursing facility. This choice is usually made when the individual is not safe on their own and does not have enough resources to provide adequate in-home care for themselves. Nursing homes are a necessity for many people, and a skilled medical staff helps to keep the ill and the elderly safe.

The sad reality is that the safety net families use can sometimes backfire. Despite the many wonderful residences and nurses in the country, there is still also a large amount of neglect and abuse occurring in these homes. Lazy, irresponsible and despicable people take jobs in these communities because they prey on the vulnerability of the residents. Many of the elderly are isolated from their families or unable to speak for themselves. Some are even frightened into silence.

A nursing home neglect lawyer in Newark is a legal professional that is familiar with the abuse that happens in these type of facilities. They know the statistics and they know the signs of abuse. Their experiences have made them more aware of what is happening in many nursing homes today and what needs to be done to protect the innocent victims of this neglect and abuse. Anyone with a loved one in a nursing home has to be on the alert for signs of potential abuse. The family member may seem unhappy and afraid. Maybe there are bruises on their bodies or repeated infections and no clear explanation from the staff about why this continues to occur. The facility may look disorganized or untidy or the residents may have poor hygiene.

Contact a nursing home neglect lawyer in Newark whenever anything seems suspicious. Approximately 40 percent of all nursing facilities in the United States have been investigated because of complaints about neglect and abuse. It is better to raise a false alarm than to ignore a concern and allow the abuse to continue. Contact Kreizer Law to discuss a case or to learn more about identifying the signs of elderly abuse.Do-Not-Ignore-the-Warning-Signs-Contact-a-Nursing-Home-Neglect-Lawyer-in-Newark