Exploring Possibilities with a Domestic Violence Lawyer in Mesa, AZ

by | Jun 1, 2017 | Lawyers


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In Arizona, domestic violence cases identify a defendant that became involved in an altercation with a family member which produced some form of physical harm. The original charge would have been identified as assault or assault and battery in most cases. However, since they involve family members, they are classified as domestic violence. The following is information about possibilities that could arise in cases managed by a domestic violence lawyer in Mesa, AZ.

The Effects of a Protection Order

A protection order is issued when the victim has adequate evidence of domestic violence. The court order requires the defendant to refrain from participating in certain activities. These activities include visiting the victim or harassing them in any way. They may also be prohibited from drinking alcohol or using controlled substances.

How New Charges Apply

If the defendant violates the protection order, they accumulate additional charges. The charges are based on their actions, but these actions are considered a violation of a court order. They will be applied separately and handled through additional cases.

The Effects of a Conviction in a Divorce Case

If a defendant is convicted of a domestic violence charge, this can have some impact on a divorce case. It depends on who the victim of the domestic violence was. If the child was involved, the petitioner of the divorce case could get sole custody of the child. In some cases, the defendant may acquire supervised visitation.

How the Conviction Affects the Future

The charge is often considered a felony under some circumstances. A felony conviction could prevent some individuals from becoming gainfully employed. A domestic violence conviction could indicate that the individual is a risk. This could present difficulty in the acquisition of certain jobs and gaining approval for some rental properties.

In Arizona, domestic violence cases involve family members. In these cases, the defendant is removed from the property and charged formally. They are often prohibited from returning to their home if the victim continues to live with them. Defendants who are facing these charges are encouraged to contact a domestic violence lawyer in Mesa, AZ through the law firm of Janet R. Feeley, L.L.C. or click here for more details.

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