A Child Support Lawyer in Killeen, TX Is a Good Ally to Have on Your Side

Child support is indeed a necessary expense as it is used to cover a child’s fundamental needs. One or both parents in a custody settlement may be responsible for the payments. However, in most instances, one parent is ordered to remit the payment. In Texas, a minimum standard of support is set for the remuneration or what the court feels is an amount that is a child’s best interest and welfare.

Paying for a Child’s Care After a Divorce

However, many litigants who are working with a child support lawyer in Killeen, TX do not feel that it is right to set only a minimum standard for a child’s care. In fact, the child support amount that has been established by law is generally not sufficient to cover such costs as education, after-school activities, tutoring, transportation, or even orthodontics.

How Payment Is Normally Made

According to child support lawyer advocates, support can be paid in a lump sum payment, as part of a property settlement, or in an annuity. It may be paid using any combination of the aforementioned options. Most people who are responsible for child support, however, pay it in installments. These payments are normally subtracted from their paychecks for distribution.

Refer Any Questions to a Lawyer

Make sure that you speak to a child support lawyer about how payments are handled to ensure that they are counted legally. For example, if you remit payment directly to your ex-partner, it may not count as child support under the eyes of the law. Therefore, make sure that you are clear about how the distribution will be made.

In many instances, temporary child support is paid when a divorce case is pending. Retroactive child support may also be ordered in some cases. This type of support refers to money that the parent was not previously ordered to pay but may now be currently and legally owed. So, if you believe that you need to make a claim for this type of support, click here to learn more about your rights and who to contact to facilitate a legal proceeding.