Filing A Claim An Auto Accident Attorney In Jacksonville, IL

In Illinois, auto accidents have produced serious injuries and fatalities according to the circumstances. DUIs often increase the odds that a victim could die due to their injuries. At-fault drivers who don’t maintain insurance coverage could face additional penalties for the violations. An Auto Accident Attorney in Jacksonville IL offers assistance for victims of auto accidents.

Accident Report Details

The accident report details explain who was at fault in the accident and exactly what happened. The report is created by the law enforcement officers who arrive at the scene of the accident. All drivers are required to submit a copy of the accident report to their insurers.

Filing a Claim Through the At-Fault Driver’s Insurance

Next, victims who were injured file a claim through the at-fault driver’s insurer. The victim must provide at least three estimates for their auto repair requirements and all invoices related to their medical care requirements. If approved, the insurer issues a check to the victim. However, if the at-fault driver doesn’t have insurance, the victim must file a legal claim.

How Does Comparative Fault Work?

Comparative fault lowers the value of the monetary award provided to the victim if he or she shares any of the blame for the accident. The judge assigns a percentage of blame according to what moving violations the victim committed during the accident. If the percentage exceeds 50%, the claimant won’t receive any monetary award.

What Can Claimants Expect?

Claimants can expect compensation for medical treatment costs and auto repair expenses. Unless they receive serious injuries, it is less likely that the claimant will acquire a larger than average payout. However, if the at-fault driver was guilty of a DUI or if the victim sustained serious injuries increases are possible.

In Illinois, auto accidents are known for causing fatalities and serious injuries. Law enforcement evaluates the entire scene of the accident and identifies the exact cause. At-fault drivers are required to file a claim through their insurer for all victims they injured. Victims who were denied coverage contact an Auto Accident Attorney in Jacksonville IL through Becker Schroader & Chapman PC for an appointment or browse website for more details now.