How Arraignment Judges Can Help Defendants Afford a Jail Bond in Dekalb County

Most men and women who are arrested on criminal charges are allowed to be released on bail. The main exceptions are those who are charged with particularly serious crimes, those with criminal histories, and those who seem to be flight risks. However, so many defendants cannot afford bail that they wind up staying behind bars. A jail bond in Dekalb County is an option for people who at least have enough money to pay the service fee to a bonding agency.

Bail Schedules

Jurisdictions typically have a bail schedule that automatically sets the amount for release in connection with specific charges. Bail reform advocates say this is unconstitutional because it does not consider the financial circumstances of the defendant. Defendants are supposed to be considered innocent until proven guilty and are not to be held in a detention center in the meantime.

The schedule has lower bail amounts listed for lesser offenses, with the amounts increasing for progressively more serious charges. Violent crimes typically have higher bail requirements than nonviolent offenses like burglary and property vandalism. Even when direct violence has not occurred, the implied threat to do harm qualifies the action as a violent crime. This is why armed robbery is classified as a more serious offense than burglary.

The Arraignment

Defendants who cannot pay bail as set by this schedule may have an attorney represent them at a hearing in which a judge may be persuaded to lower that amount. Judges have the authority to make this decision and might do so, depending on various factors of the case.

Lower bail also helps the defendant obtain a jail bond in Dekalb County since the service fee is a specific percentage of the cash bail. The lower the bail, the easier it is for defendants to pay for a bond. Once the agency posts that bond with the jail, the defendant can be released.

Getting Started

Defendants often must have a relative or a close friend make arrangements for bonding service since it can be difficult to accomplish this while in jail. Anyone who needs to begin the application process may visit the website to get started.