Find Relief Under the Michigan Lemon Law

The Michigan Lemon Law can provide you with the relief you need after purchasing a vehicle that has manufacturer defects that cannot be repaired. There are hundreds of recalls that are issued on new vehicles each year for safety, mechanical failure and other issues. Design flaws, shoddy manufacturing and just bad choices put people at risk. Unfortunately, if the defects are limited to a certain threshold than the vehicles are not recalled at all. In other words, if the majority of consumers are enjoying their new cars and a handful are struggling with defects the government does not make moves to force the manufacturer to fix the defects. This is where the Michigan lemon law can come in handy.

The Scenario

You buy a new car, and it starts giving you trouble shortly thereafter. The dealership first goes around, is friendly and ready to help, you bring it back for the repairs but the repairs don’t work. The dealership still stands by the vehicle and is willing to try again, this cycle can go on endlessly, but if you are aware of the lemon laws you know that the dealership only has a certain number of tries to get it right.

The Relief

Getting relief from the never-ending cycle of broken promises of repair, starts with hiring an attorney that can help. An attorney will:

   * Review your case and let you know where you stand
   * Help you by filing the claim
   * Manage arbitration hearings for you
   * Deal with the dealership and manufacturer on your behalf

Finding relief under the lemon law can be easy if you know how. You can potentially get back every dime you paid for the vehicle and there may even be some room for other compensation. Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center® is the best source.