Getting Help from a Wrongful Death Attorney in Macon, GA After a Family Member Has Been Killed

by | Jul 17, 2019 | Lawyers


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In a wrongful death lawsuit, the spouse or an immediate relative of the person who died can make a claim for monetary damages. The claim is made against a person or organization that was negligent or reckless in a way that caused the fatality. A wrongful death attorney in Macon, GA provides representation for clients dealing with this traumatic experience.


These cases can be very complicated, especially for a grieving family who has to deal with the aftermath. A wrongful death attorney in Macon, GA may represent clients who have lost a loved one in a vehicle accident caused by a drunk driver’s recklessness. Sometimes the situation involves medical malpractice, a work accident at an agricultural enterprise, or a slip-and-fall incident on a stairway at a place of business.

There are situations in which one person intentionally harmed another, although the assault was not intended to have such serious consequences. This may become a criminal and civil case combined if the person has enough assets to pay a monetary award ordered by a jury.

Negligence and Recklessness

Most wrongful death lawsuits are categorized as negligence incidents rather than intentional ones. Negligence can include recklessness. For example, when behind the wheel of a car, the driver has the responsibility of behaving in a safe manner. Behaving recklessly and causing a fatality means the person has failed in this responsibility. This type of behavior includes not only driving while intoxicated, but actions like traveling at a speed far too fast for the area or the weather conditions.

Aggressive Representation

No matter what led to the fatality, the attorney with a firm such as Edwards & Bullard Law provides aggressive representation to make sure the spouse, adult child, parent or other qualifying family member receives the compensation they deserve. This may happen through detailed negotiations with an insurer or at trial before a judge and jury.

The compensation is intended to cover tangible aspects like medical and funeral expenses, and expected wages from an income earner. Intangible ones like loss of companionship and loss of parenting for minor children are normally included as well.

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