Why Divorcing Couples Should Work with a Divorce Law Firm in Summerlin NV

Ending a marriage is never an easy task. Regardless of whether or not the split was amicable, both parties still need to make a few serious decisions before all is said and done. Working with a Divorce Law Firm in Summerlin NV is the best way to reach a fair and just settlement.

Dividing Assets

No matter the length of the marriage, it’s necessary to divide any assets. While some pieces of property may clearly belong to one party, it may be more challenging to agree on other items. A Divorce Law Firm in Summerlin NV will work as a neutral party to come to a resolution.

Housing, for example, is one item that a couple may both want to keep. It may be best to sell and divide the revenue from the property. Cars, furniture, and even stock shares are other assets divorcing couples may need help dividing.

Spousal Support

In some divorces, one party can no longer continue the life to which they had grown accustomed. This often happens if one partner works, while the other one doesn’t. In cases such as this, a judge may award spousal support.

The conditions of spousal support may last for a few years or a lifetime. Whenever this type of support is on the table, a lawyer is needed to reach an agreement with both parties. A lawyer will help determine a fair amount and duration.

Custody of Children

Whenever children are involved, divorce becomes much more difficult to settle. It’s necessary to determine who will retain custody of the children. In many instances, one party will have the children full-time, while the other will see them on a more limited basis.

However, in some cases, it may be determined that one parent is not fit to raise the kids. Whenever this happens, going to court is a must. A lawyer will bring forth evidence to prove why a parent should lose custody of the kids.

While no one goes into a marriage expecting a divorce, situations do arise. When divorce is imminent, Pintar Albiston LLP can help sort out the legal ramifications. Working with a lawyer will ensure the case is handled fairly for both parties. You can also connect them on Twitter.