Has the Time Come to Seek Guidance from a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney?

by | Jul 11, 2016 | Personal Injury Lawyer


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In the best case scenario, nursing homes are places where loved ones can be comfortable and receive the care and attention they need. Unfortunately, that is not the case for every resident. When loved ones think that all may not be well, it pays to contact a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney and get some advice on how to proceed. Here are some signs the time to make such a move has arrived.

A Change in the Loved One’s Demeanor

Until recently, the resident has seemed happy in the nursing home. Visits were filled with laughter, talking about the activities and, in general, expressing how nice it was to be living there. During the last few visits, the loved one has become increasingly withdrawn. Instead of participating in the conversation, the individual seems to be withdrawn. This sudden change could have to do with a health issue. It could also be a sign of abuse. A Nursing Home Abuse Attorney will know how to go about determining if the resident is being subjected to mental or physical stress that has caused the change.

Less Contact With Loved Ones

The resident has begun to withdraw from contact with loved ones. Before, it was not unusual to receive phone calls, emails, or letters on a fairly frequent basis. Now, there are times when the loved one does not even want to receive visitors, much less maintain other forms of communication. The sudden withdrawal could be the result of some type of abuse.

Changes in Appearance

Individuals who are being abused may lose any interest in the way they look. Before, not one hair would be out of place, and attention to personal hygiene was a priority. Now, the loved one seems to be disheveled at any given time. While there could be reasons for the change other than abuse, it pays to find out if that is the underlying cause for this lack of interest in appearance.

Even if loved ones have nothing more than a general feeling that something is wrong, it pays to not take chances. Visit website and arrange to share those concerns with a lawyer. Depending on what information the client is able to provide, there could be grounds for taking specific actions and seeking to ensure the loved one is safe, secure, and not being abused. You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates.

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