Hire a Dog Bite Lawyer in Nassau County, NY After Following These Tips

by | Jun 14, 2017 | Lawyers


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When someone is bitten by a dog, they should find out who is responsible for the incident. When someone is a dog lover, it’s hard to blame the animal for its behavior. However, a dog bite can result in severe injuries, and in some cases, it’s the owner’s negligence that caused the attack. Below are several steps for victims to take after a dog bite.

Get Medical Attention Right Away

A person’s health is the most important thing to consider. Therefore, it is vital to immediately seek medical attention after a dog bite. An animal that displays any sign of rabies can be a tremendous threat to the public’s well-being, and even a non-rabid dog can put a person at risk of a serious infection. If possible, take photos of the bite marks as they can serve as evidence of the attack’s severity.

Get the Owner’s and any Witnesses’ Contact Information

If possible, the victim should get identifying information about the animal, its owner and anyone else who shared responsibility for controlling the animal at the time of the event. If applicable, collect contact information from any witnesses in case a dog bite lawyer in Nassau County, NY needs them to testify in court.

Call the Authorities

Any dog bite must be referred to the appropriate animal control authority, who may then be able to verify the dog’s ownership. These agencies are responsible for the public’s safety and health, and they must be informed so they can evaluate a potential threat. If the victim feels the need to file a personal injury claim, the report to the authorities can serve as evidence alongside any medical records.

Be Skeptical of Insurers

If the victim’s injuries are very serious, the dog owner or their insurance company may approach with an offer of a low settlement. It’s important not to trust the insurance company and to remember that they are not on the victim’s side. It’s the insurance company’s job to make a profit, and they do that by reducing payouts wherever possible. Above all, a victim should not discuss a settlement until medical treatment is finished and the injury has healed. Consult a dog bite lawyer in Nassau County, NY for help in negotiating with an animal owner or insurance company. Click here or call the Law Office of Steven R. Smith to schedule a consultation.

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